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Real Time 3D Illusion

These are really a very confusing 3D designs?


TOMAS said...

“Real Time 3D Illusion” the most amazing of all I have seen till now. Thank you. I am spellbound and stay in an awe.
The land of Illusion isn’t unknown to me, but I was used to rejoice at the transformational magic of color without using any picture. You create something very alike in spirit but totally different in shape - your pictures are the rehabilitation of the drawing - it's no less magical than color - sorry for my Lithuanian-English, but you are wholeheartedly welcome to my Captains bridge blog Just click on Slide show of my works will meet you there.
I hope you will give me the feedback and I thank you for the comments in advance.
I rejoice so much over your works – wow!!!

TOMAS said...

This looks unbelievable, but that’s the reality - you have caught the time and you have revived him in your picture.
That's incredible - as the results of art therapy club in the hospital for the people with psychiatric disorders.
Nothing alike I have seen there, but the spirit looks exactly so - that's modern way of looking through the window when participation in real life is just a dream.
Your feedback would make a day for many under the heavy walls of the hospital that is presented by my blog where I heartily welcome you. Just click on the link and leave us your comment. Thank you

Anonymous said...

These are all nice watch and watch colour is very very worst .

Anonymous said...

Reading these comments make me cry from the English language

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