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American Flag Illusion

For this illusion to work, you should look at the flag for about 15 seconds and then immediately look at the white space provided. The ghostly image you see in the white space is called an after image. After images are caused when the cones in your eyes grow tired and loose their sensitivity to the colours they are looking at. When this happens, you will see white light (a mixture of all colours), minus the colour your cones have become insensitive to. In this particular example, when you are look at the white background after staring at the image of the flag, the colours that you should see are the colours on the familiar American flag (red, white and blue) which are complimentary of the colours cyan, black and yellow that were used.


Unknown said...

:D woooooooow, awesome!

Anonymous said...

WOW at first i was like mmhhh this so is going to work but then i did it and iwas like WTF HOLLY COW IT WORKED LOL i love this sight so far

Anonymous said...

i saw NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

if you look at the dot thats in the stars for 15 seconds then look at a white spot

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