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Astounding Satellite Images

DigitalGlobe recently announced their Best of 2012 picks out of their vast archive of images. Phenomena both natural and man-made make appearances, and are equally striking. We happen to love the one of Mt. Fuji gushing steam.

The Moon Illusion - Explained

Look how big the moon is!" you've shouted before. But what if I told you that the moon never really changes size, and it's simply your brain playing a trick? Find out what The Moon Illusion is, and why it happens!


Giant Smiley Discovered In Mercury

NASA scientists are having a lot of fun with Messenger, the spacecraft now orbiting Mercury. Not only they are documenting the planet at a resolution of 200 meters per pixel, but they are spotting all kinds of fun stuff. A few weeks ago it was the Sesame Street's cookie monster. Today it's a smiley crater.

This Amazing Machine Can Create Anything From Shredded Scraps

As of today the 3D printing revolution is over. Who wants to wait hours for a machine that painstakingly draws a plastic trinket layer-by-layer when the Muffin Monster can create everything from shipping pallets, to shoes, to full-on couches in mere seconds? It even comes with a bonus reverse function that can turn unwanted items into a shredded pile of raw materials for creating anything you want. It's like the replicators from Star Trek, but here and now, and with an awesome 1980s soundtrack. [YouTube via LaughingSquid] [Gizmodo]

iPhone 5 Spoof

This is not an illusion but just a funny Spoof. iPhone 5, Apple increased the iPhone's screen size from 3.5" to 4" diagonally, over its previous iteration. The handset's width has, however, remained the same. According to Apple, it is designed that way to keep the iPhone 5 operable with one hand. Based on this, the guys at Satire have taken a jab at Apple with a spoof video — where Apple executives explain the advantages of an unusually elongated iPhone. The creators of this clip (below) don't miss out on anything — Panorama mode, the improved FaceTime (which becomes BottomTime), and a solution for weak network reception. If you need one more reason to check out the video, there's NASA Mohawk Guy at 0:39.

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