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McGuire Irish Pub's Door illusion

These signs are in McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida. If you are on hurry to go in to the bathroom,then there is no way anyone will notice those confusing signs and go in to the wrong room:P

Like the dollar bills hanging from the ceiling or the signature drink the Irish Wake, the craftily worded signs on the bathroom doors are part of the charm of McGuires’s Irish Pub.
For those who haven’t seen them, the gist is the men’s room sign has large print that reads “Ladies” and smaller text clarifying they shouldn’t go in there because it’s the men’s room — vice-versa for the other bathroom.


Ed said...

I heard they were forced to change these (probably a lawsuit)

Anonymous said...

I was there last night (2-6-09) and they most certainly have not changed the signs. As my drunk friend found out the hard way

Unknown said...

Not to be disagreeable, bit it was changed a couple years back. The new one is also confusing, but not as bad as the originals. The new one has "Men's Room" in big letters, and "this way" in small writing underneath it with a hand pointing at the other door

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