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Maybe Gabriela Mistral illusion

I like to welcome Daniela (a.k.a. Amarilla),new co-author of our Amazing illusions blog who will be covering a new Make your Money Category section.She is a nice Photographer as you can see the funny and idealistic image below taken by her with her friend using a paper money which contains Gabriela Mistral image.As we having lots of visitors from Spain , so i like to tell our Spanish friends that " Amarilla" is Spanish.So now you can share your ideas and give comments,in spanish too ;).You can also use our language translater which is in sidebar.
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You maybe remembering the Set of Money illusion posted here before which are similar to Magazine illusions and haves same idea of taking a pic, but instead of money we use Picture magazines in it.By watching these cool images you will be thinking that you can also try this on your own and have fun,so what are you waiting for, take your cameras and start making these funny pics and send it to me if you like.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool.I will try this with my currency

Juan said...

Hey, that is a Chilean Money Paper!!!!!
Also Gabriela Mistral.


Anonymous said...

pulento.voy a probar con luca paver si funca

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