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Hidden Animals illusion

Interestingly, this hidden animals image is the hardest one i had seen yet.I given heck of a time to find those hidden animals which are besides the fox and three birds in the tree, a horse, side of a face, wolf, sleeping lamb and a bat.

Click to Enlarge the image to see it more cleary.If you atleast fine some of animals do comment me.


Anonymous said...

i have been looking at this image for about 10 minutes and ive found several faces aside from the fox, the horse and lamb, im still searching for the others.

Anonymous said...

There's the second side of a face in the bottom left on a tree right next to the horse. =)

breebree32 said...

2 faces and 5 animals so far

Anonymous said...

there's the face of a pig in the bottom of the bushes.

RORO said...

There's a face in the top middle. The white space is the face and the tree trunk makes up the profile on the right. The leaves on the left create the wavy hair.

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