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Painted Bathroom Floor illusion

This is really Freaky! Going into this bathroom would certainly makes one nervous and get scared.The floor in this bathroom is a Painted floor.Remember the previous Elevator floor illusion which is same like this

Imagine you are at the have been drinking and then you have to visit the Bathroom. You open the door and you will see like floor like this, it will definately take your breath away Doest'nt it? The is soo scary :P


Anonymous said...

That looks creepy!

Anonymous said...

would hate to burst a bubble or two, but it looks very shopped. look at how there are no shadows on the floor

Anonymous said...

hahahaha this is funny

Ibbiamma said...

This is awesome. I need to find this artist to do my bedroom floor. I will be sure to wake up in the morning then.

Anonymous said...

i would be scared to even take a step

Anonymous said...

It is cool but.... it isn't really painted.It was part of a contest to photo shop a bathroom floor. It is on Snopes. Com

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