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Jastrow illusion

The top object appears to be smaller then the bottom one but they are actually the same size. Move the top shape over the bottom to see that they are the same size.
They are the same size but the short edge of the orange one is compared to the longside of the red one. Therefore, the red figures looks as if it were longer.

The Jastrow illusion is an optical illusion discovered by the American psychologist Joseph Jastrow.In 1889, psychologist Joseph Jastrow asked this question: which one of the two bars are larger? Easy - the bottom one, right?
Wrong (or else it wouldn’t be an illusion now, would it?) Find out the right answer:


Anonymous said...

Hate to ruin this "illusion" but the top object IS NOT the same size as the bottom object. Cut out the top object in any image-editing program and paste it on top and you'll see.

Anonymous said...

have you tried to check the size in this blogs image only ?

There must be some size problem if you put it in other programs

Anonymous said...

The top one is Smaller than the bottom one by far. Who told you about this one!

Anonymous said...

only reason the top one looks smaller in your photo editing program is because the picture is taken at an angle. we studied this in physics and it's legit

Anonymous said...

yea its because of the camera angle. if you wanna see a video of it go to youtube and type in joseph jastrow. they'll place the white above the red which makes the red look bigger, then put the red above it which makes the white look bigger. then to prove that they are the same size, they put the two together.

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