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Hermaphrodite illusions

When you flip them vertically you can see the faces right side up... a surprising effect!. The illusion illustrates the fact that rightside-up and upside-down faces are processed differently,which some people take as evidence that parts of our brain are specialized for (normal, rightside-up)face perception.

The king and Queen are in single image this is so amazing.If anybody know whats written in this image please translate in English and Comment me!


Fernando A. Ramírez Martínez said...

Let me help you:
–Left: "Lo que es en mi vanidad, vuelto muestra gravedad"
Which translates into: "What in me vanity is, turned arround shows seriousness"
–Right: "Si te enamoro bonito, Sepas soy hermafrodito"
Which translates into: "If I make you fall in love with me, you should know I'm hermaphrodite"

Hope it's useful for you!

Anonymous said...

What is in mi vanity,
Turned, shows gravity.
If if you fall for me pretty
Know that I'm Hermaphrodity

(The original "forces" the word hermaphrodite to make it rhyme)

Admin said...

wow this is pretty cool

Anonymous said...

The picture says love is never.Hate is always.It is in a European language.How can u not no that.I"M 11.

Anonymous said...

Punkin, it's not european language, its french! :D:D
|| |--| ||
|| | | ||
|L |__| |L

Anonymous said...

lol it's spanish not french :-p

Anonymous said...

....yes actually it is Spanish

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