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Transparent Screen 1

I am thankful to the person who had sended me this Transparent screen images via mail.
I have seen this pictures first time at these are really amazing.But,i dont know this images are done by photoshop or its real.If anybody know who is the author of this pics please tell me i will be happy to credit them,because i have more this types of images which i will be posting in future.


Anonymous said...

No these are real Santosh. They just take a picture of what's behind the monitor then upload it and make it the desktop wallpaper. Post some more then!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i think whoever made this video took this picture when his laptop was closed and made it so perfectly done; otherwise he would of gotten a pro to do it. after he got the picture, he downloaded it to his laptopand used it for his screen saver. it's that simple. authough i don't know who made this, i hope this information is useful for you.

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