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The Paris Confusion

Are you sure you read what you thought? Look at it again.
When you read the the above box, did you say the - the or did you see the "double the".
This is great trick similar to the previous the bird post,you will definately fool peoples with this,try in school,office or with your friends its really fun.


Anonymous said...

wow i get it. i missed the the second the. HAHA. did u catch that one?

Admin said...

lol i got fooled too :P

deer hunter girl said...

omg i get it now it said i love paris in the THE SPRING TIME

Anonymous said...

lol rachel .thanks for sharing your words.

Anonymous said...

Wow I DIdnt Notice it,
but i noticed it on the other one
that had 2 "the".
haha But This One I Dint
But I should Have Known

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