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Scintillating Grid

If you look around in the neighbouring figure you will notice the appearance and disappearance of black dots at the crossings.
Even though this figure looks similar to the Hermann-Grid, it is markedly more vivid. Furthermore, the effect is probably caused by different mechanisms than those causing the Hermann-Grid effect.
1993: First demonstrated by JR Bergen at the ARVO, in a weaker variant
1994: Re-discovered by Bernd Lingelbach’s wife Elke
1995: Demonstrated at the Tübingen ECVP meeting (Schrauf M, Lingelbach B, Lingelbach E & Wist ER. The Hermann grid and the scintillation effect. Perception 24: suppl, 88–89)
1997: Schrauf M, Lingelbach B & Wist E. The scintillating grid illusion. Vision Res 37:1033–1038
2001: Invoked to explain Florida’s election problems (“Count the black dots, recount to confirm…” ;-)


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