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Hanging plane illusion

I am really thankful to Michael Hughes who had liked to share his great photographic illusion pics.
In this image you can see his hand holding that plane which is looking like its hanging from the rouf of that building.Its like Doityourself illusion technique in which you can use your photography techniques to creates these types of illusion pics.
If you had made 1 send me via mail.

Credits:Michael Hughes
Description:18.10.05 Berlin,Germany Aluminium Flugzueg Modell(Rosinen Bomber,DC3, Dakota) Hanging From The Roof Of Museum fur Verkehr and Technik


pihentagy said...

Not quite sure what should I see, and what is the reality. Can anybody enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

Hey Santosh,
thanks for your visit and comment.. I will fix the link.. (just been busy with a few technical problems).. Hope you are doing well? Enjoy the rest of your week..

And I also like the new changes to your website :)

Admin said...

hello pihentagy
the reality is that its a small playing plane which is looking like hanging in tht building but its not really

u will get the technique in future when i will post more of these kind of pics

thanks for visiting

Anonymous said...

i have a picture like that except im holding the sky screamer in marineland

Admin said...

share that picture on my email...i will publish it in this blog.

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