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"Giant Skeletons" Fuel Web Hoax

The story published (last image) in the March 2007 issue of India's Hindu Voice monthly claims that a National Geographic Society team helped make the "discovery" in India. (The National Geographic Society owns National Geographic News.)

The picture, however, is an innocent fake.

The image was lifted from Worth1000, a Web site that hosts contests for digital artists. Created by an artist using the alias IronKite, the picture placed third in a 2002 competition titled "Archaeological Anomalies 2," which asked contestants to create a hoax archaeological discovery.
Man, this guy gets around! said IronKite who does not want his real name used in this story after hearing his work had been used to back up the latest false reports.

The third image, created by Amaranto, appears to be a less than serious attempt at a hoax note the huge revolver in the skeleton's hand.

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