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WWF Campaign:Preserve your world,Preserve yourself

World Wildlife Fund has launched this remarkable print advertisement in Brazil with a view to depict miserable conditions of wildlife and forest and to urge people to take action in this direction. The campaign tries to remind a person how human actions caused misery to the environment and to the extent that it is now pushed on the verge of destruction. At the same time, it describes that the destruction of the environment would mean destruction of the very source of life. The advertisement has extraordinarily shown the depressing and gloomy expression of environment using the surroundings of forest.

The campaign from visual perspective is actually extremely compelling and expressive, as it has captured the emotion of sorrow very efficiently. The campaign is immensely successful to communicate its basic idea effectively. While showing the gloomy face of environment it has also drawn attention towards how magnificent nature is, to depict source of vitality. The punch line of the campaign reads, ‘Preserve your world, preserve yourself.’ Campaign was created by DM9 DDB, Brazil.

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