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Jesus appears on Clouds

Jesus has appeared in a place that's perhaps more appropriate… floating in the shape of a cloud over Mount Sinai.Or so claims somebody on YouTube, anyway.The video was created by one Brian Martin of the USA, who describes it in the following manner: 'I google mapped where people thought Mt Sinai is in the world and when I zoomed in, I saw Jesus in the Clouds. You can see his Body, Robe, Belt like thing and FACE.. also a Halo on his head.'

In case you're wondering, Jesus is floating at a 45% angle, with his face in the North East. You can see him best if you sort of stand back and squint quite a lot. Sort of.

Sadly, the video has now been removed from YouTube. However, to help you identify the Jesus, we got a team of talented graphical artists to alter the photo to make Jesus more obvious.


Anonymous said...

urr, eni1 kud drawww a pik on a cloud likee thatt!

P.S that is north west not north east. :S

Anonymous said...

And whats that in front of it..a Huge skull???

Anonymous said...

ya ya just like a skull huh!

Anonymous said...

if i create that pink out line that just like me he..he...he

a said...

if i create that pink outline that cloud just like me he..he..he..

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