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Mona Lisa smile illusion

This image is really so Amazing!.When i looked Mona Lisa's first picture it was just fine, but there is something intensely wrong with her in the second picture. Her eyes are looking down or they are upside down.

Now look at the same images right side up.Turn your monitor upside-down or turn your head upside down just for sometime ;) and now you see the face again looks fine in second image too.

You probably recognized Mona Lisa right away--even upside-down. Two upside-down Mona Lisas may look strange (one perhaps stranger than the other), but turn them right-side-up and one looks normal. Why the surprising difference?

Since an upside-down face is not a familiar point of view, you may not have noticed that one of these pictures has been altered. In the right-hand photo, Mona's eyes and mouth have been turned around. It's only when the photos are turned right-side-up, and the view is more familiar, that you notice the real distortion.

Since you are obviously using a computer to view this, you may have access to photo-processing software and image-capture hardware. Try to capture your own face and flip the eyes and mouth.


Anonymous said...

her eyes and mouth are upside down! duh

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh! It looked a little freaky!

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