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Great giants sleeping in Birmanian lake

Some say that this picture was made because of wind on a huge rock at a Birmanian Lake (where is this lake?).The picture can be taken at this clarity once a year, when the sun rays fall in a specific degree to show the picture out of the rock so obvious.

The face and body in this image look similar to the statue of Buddha: The Indian holy man on whose life and teachings buddhism is based.
I dont know whats the real fact about this picture ,is it just a painting or a any real historical lake? I also tried to find data about this in internet ,but it was useless.If any body know more details about this picture please send me.

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Maryanne Moll said...

Hay, I like your blog! I visited because of your comment on my blog, and I liked it right away, as I do love optical illusions. (See the links under "Some Oddities" in the sidebar of my blog.)

Will link you up now, under that heading. :)

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