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Howard's Color Contrast illusion

As a reknowned expert in clothing color, I can pick dazzling color schemes. You may notice a variety of effects in the swatches. I am using them to select a fabric for my next pair of trousers and coordinated cap. All of the lines were drawn physically straight, but they may not appear that way.

Try rotating your head back and forth, moving closer, or further away. Look at the swatches from a lower or higher vantage point in addition to looking straight on. You may notice other effects. You might also notice that the simultaneous contrast phenomena change with spatial frequency and orientation. Viewing complementary colors in close proximity will lead to the 'dazzling' or 'shimmering' effect.

Other than the colors in my shirt, there is only one 'red' value and one 'blue' value in all of the swatches. Your monitor and other sources may perform some correction that would limit the contrast, yet the swatches may seem very different.
-- Howard Rheingold

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