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Words Says About there Face

Tirany Or Freedom

Threat Pretext

Dead Alive

Peace War


Pe.tra said...

I changed your link :)

Wishing you a wonderful day..
Nice illudions..

Anonymous said...

What an extremely talented post.

TOMAS said...

While looking at your wonderful pictures, I recognized myself in every one of them. Thank you. In case people could see their talks in pictures, our earth would look more nice place to live in.

Anonymous said...

lool cool pic ..

Anonymous said...

THEIR not THERE you retard. Your message seems to very political too maybe you should do some better with your skills than spread the American BULLSHIT about a 'peace war'. You should have made it Bush's arsehole as he talks out of it most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what dingleberry said above me there, but I think the 'ying and yang' of your words are nicely done. A creative attempt at view points on certain individuals effects.

Anonymous said...

hey bast spandangle... so there's 1 little mistake its no like were in skool or ne thing! and all dat talk bout freedom is not bullshit!!!! These r really cool illusuioms!

Anonymous said...

this is quite cool but iv seen better, you could have put in two words and mixed them up but it was ok all the same

Anonymous said...

First Face: Fidel Castro?
Second: Saddam Hussein
Third: Osama Bin Laden
Fourth: George W. Bush.

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