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Rotating koban

The Rings appear to rotate.
Keep moving ur eyes and see how this illusion works.


Anonymous said...

hi.. nice site.. :) sure i'll gladly add you in my blogroll.. :)

BeeJay said...


hibelu said...

Don't know why, but this one took me a minute..

Fun Blog.


Kirsten said...

cool blog :) Found you on blogexplosion.

That illusion is really cool - but I can't really figure out WHY it's happening - just looks like they are moving.

Mark Base said...

Stop it!
Stop it!
You're turning the world crazy!

Gentleman-hobbs said...

You clever sod! Most impressive.

quotidian said...

dropping in from blogmad - YOUR BLOG IS SO COOL! I LOVE ILLUSIONS! I already added you in my blogroll! :)

"Jet" said...

I am horrible at illusions but you won me over!!


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

These are great. It's almost like getting buzzed!
Have a Happy BlankDay!

Jim Big Toe said...

I think I see the virgin Mary. You might want to sell this on ebay.

Anonymous said...

Just dropped by to leave my new personal blog, please check it out:


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Illusins are really cool and fun, I haven't seen this one before. I have no idea why its moving though. Dopped in from BlogMad hope you are having a great day.


Anonymous said...

this shit is fucking fake i dont see any thing fucking moving

Unknown said...

i don't see shit all. and this is not original , i have seen this shit already on many sites.
maybe if you eat some magic mushrooms first, you will see them move.
and if you want people to link you , you should link them back.
i will keep an eye on you.

peace out

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