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The Einstein Hollow Face Illusion

Watch the Video:Einstein Hollow Face

The Hollow Face Illusion is probably one of the most amazing optical illusions we have come across. Plus this is Einstein Year. So... Grand Illusions has commissioned this particular version of the Hollow Face Illusion.

The original head of Albert Einstein was created for us by the sculptor Bryan Parkes and the manufacturing process was managed by David Burder. This is a 1.5 times life size version of Albert Einstein's face, since the illusion works best when the head is slightly larger than life size.

Everyone I have shown it to flips out!! Barry M, USA

It is made from a very strong plastic, and is virtually unbreakable. The mask can be stood up in a window and the whole face seems to follow you as you move around the room. Truly, an amazing illusion... The mask is 43cm high and 31cm wide.

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Aishah said...

cool. thanks for linking.

Admin said...

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treebeard31 said...

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Anonymous said...

dis iz real cool, it really freakd me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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