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Jesus IIlusions

This is the category which includes only the illusion post of Jesus.

  1. Google Map spots Jesus
  2. Where is the Jesus
  3. Appearing Jesus Illusion
  4. Jesus appears on Clouds
  5. Jesus Shadow Illusion
  6. Virgin Marry Appears On Lemon
  7. The Devil at Church Illusion


Paul Phoenix said...

There's another aparition of Jesus

Anonymous said...

"# Pablo 1:53:00 PM
There's another aparition of Jesus"

So that's why dogs sniff each other's butts. They're worshipping.

Anonymous said...

If you read Revelation chapters 2, 3, 12, and 19 it comes clear that the prophecy of the "second" Christ is to be fulfilled by a man who rules the world with a rod of iron and has a new name. When you spin a black balloon under colored lights it will disappear leaving only trails of light that look like laser-like circles. I actually have a device that spins a black balloon on an Iron Rod. The videos at my web site and a quick look at my name will verify that I am to be that man.

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