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Faces Everywhere : Images that looks like face

Do you also sometimes have the feeling that you're being watched? And when you look around, nobody is there. Maybe because sometimes faces are on places where you least expect it. When you look at an object, it can look like a face too.


Anonymous said...

There's lots more of this kind of picture over at another popular site, I won't put up the linky, but if the word 'cheezburger' means anything to you, you'll find it over as the Happy Chair is Happy site.

Hope this doesn't break the rules mods, just want to share some faceLOLs!

mythself said...

I do abstract paintings over large walls as a painter/decorator,, kind of like wall paper but with no exact repeat,,, just over all gestural balance in the colours and marks. Often I'm 'seeing' things immerge in the lines, marks, swishes and volumes but as soon as I determine a form I purposefully divert the immerging 'thing' until i see another and divert again etc and so on... thus the whole is sort of full of stuff yet empty. But as I get tired, after a couple of hours or so working vigorously over a surface I begin to see faces everywhere,,, then i know its time to stop... to construct and re-de-construct other 'whatever' stuff takes much imagination and concentration,,, but the faces fall in by lazy default. when it takes to much mental energy to continually and randomly reconstruct the marks. ps. If I'm painting regular walls or even known figurative things I can listen to plays audio book simultaneously... but when I'm doing the patterned emergent walls its wordless music or nothing. mythself.

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