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Virgin Mary On Grape

An Arlington,Texas woman said she has discovered a grape that bears a figure resembling the Virgin Mary.

Becky Ginn, 24, says she is a Baptist.

"I thought this stuff just happened to Catholics?" she said. "Mom and I had a laugh about it at first, seeing as how we're Baptists and all and we generally don't expect to see holy people popping up in our foodstuffs."

Ginn posted a photo of the grape to her LiveJournal page and was urged to contact the media. NBC 5 was her first choice, she said.

 "I haven't made a shrine to it, nor prayed to it, nor done much of anything except e-mail the picture to a few friends and roll it around in the bowl in the fridge," Ginn said.

Friends have suggested she "eBay it."

"The logistics involved in shipping it to any buyer would be interesting," Ginn said.

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