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Club Med Faces Ads campaign illusion

As i said before, many great companies are successfully using illusions kind of images for their Ads campaigns. One of them is Club Med, a French corporation of vacation resorts found in many parts of the world,usually in highly exotic locations. With slogan "Discover New Worlds, Discover New People" and alluding on this slogan.

This would be quite the complicated photo shoot,You'd have to first draw the picture, then actually go out and pose divers in the exact positions that you needed them, with all the scuba equipment in tact. Then you'd have to enlarge and shrink all the pictures to be just right, and then blue and edit the edges so that it would form into a little more of a human face. And then, just a subtle tag line: It's not where you go. It's who you meet.check out the previous Club Med Ads

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