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The General's Family

If you find 6, you have an ordinary power of observation.
Find 7, you have above average power of observation.
Find 8, you are very observant. Congratulate yourself.
Find 9, you are extremely observant. Very intuitive and creative.
You can rival the observant power of Sherlock Holmes.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely outstanding illusions on the blog. Where do you find these? You don't make them yourself do you?

Anonymous said...

Hellooooo sweet Santos,
how are you?
It is finally week-end..
Enjoy !!

This illusion is one of my favourite
of all Time...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant site, cool illusions!

Anonymous said...

i found 8..

Anonymous said...

I see another one not noted. It's an older man in left facing profile. His nostril is formed by the thumb and index finger, the Mexican looking man's hand on the cane. His nose is of course just above it, the tip of the nose being the Mexican's top of wrist. only about 1/4" below the nostril is the mouth with pursed lips curving slightly down toward the white sash on the dress. The chin is formed by the cricks in the Mexican's cane. Weathered face. Anyone else see that, or am I staring too hard?
Cheers, 50gary

Beckabeth said...

I am 9 going on 10 and found all 9 :D

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