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12 or 13 Men's Illusion

Here we have an animated gif file. If you look closely you can count 12 little people. After the gif slides the image around you end up with 13 little people. How does this happen?If anybody solve this mystery please comment me.


Anonymous said...

the name of this illusion should be 12 or 12 1/2. my explanation is that when the guy on the top right in the "12" image slides to the left does not become a full person. he is missing half his legs. theres 5 lower parts of the body that remain on the left side of the image (the part that lifts and goes over the sliding part of the image)and 7 pieces of the lower body on the right side that always remain there. the ride side is a bit harder to see cuz its like the bottom of the shoe only. too easy.

Admin said...

:P ohh yeah that true.

opt!my$tiC said...

u see it is quite essy when u pay attention to every moving object.
when u see the sliding peple, towrads the left u will notice that the lasst man stays to the right it self, and the bottom left mans head completes another person but leaves that person head less.
the most basic thing is the common man in between.

Admin said...

Thanks for sharing your idea Heena Khan !

Anonymous said...

my theory is....

this is gay and i cant figure it out

and its my homework for science..

and someone should tell me the answer..


HELP.. going INSANEEE !!

by tonight ... please =D

ps learn to spell heena khan

Anonymous said...

lol wierd..

ps. its insane not insanee
learn to spell

Anonymous said...

The reason why it works is becuase if you count the groups serperete before it splits you will see 5 men on the left and 7 men on the right then it switches and 7 thing move to the left and while the head is passed on one of the men it counts up to 13 4 full bodys move while 7 peaices of body move creating 13 men

Anonymous said...

Don't look at it mathematically. Just start with each person and notice which portion of their body disappears. Each person loses a portion of their body moving downwards from the head until the guy made six from the left is made out of parts unneeded by the rest. ( He is missing the sole of his shoe by the way) Take the guy 2 from the right. He loses his chin and shoulders, and the neckline of his tank top becomes his chin.

Anonymous said...

well, im not trying to be mean, but i think untornguy is the only person right out of all of you guys. If you noticed, the first 2 columns had 5 men. but after the gif slides, there are 6 of them. They just took that man from the other side leaving a little part of his shoes, so he'll still be a whole person on the other side. And even though they did take part of the man's head, he is still close to a whole man. Good job untornguy!

Anonymous said...

In fact, this is 12 men vs 12 & one scalped.

The moving two lines of people contain (1 scalp+2)+2 half men. On both sides, together with the immovable human parts they form 3+2=5men, and scalp helps in both cases.
The moving three lines of people contains 2+2+2 half-men. On the right side, they form a group of 2+3+2=7 men.


On the left, they form a group of (1 scalped+2)+3+2 = "8" men.


Anonymous said...

It's simple mathematics guys.
When the picture has only 12 people in it, there are clearly only 5 people on the left. When the picture re-manipulates there are 6 on the left while maintaining the same seven on the right.
When we model this in a mathematical system person 7 from the left and person 6 from the right , switch places. The shoes of man #6 becomes the face of man number 3 while maintaining the shoes of man number 2 and the legs of man number 8. Man number 12 has the legs of man number 2 and man number 5 has no soul.
It's that easy!

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